Messengers of
Episcopal Charities

Messengers of Episcopal Charities serve as the liaison between their congregations and Episcopal Charities, letting their congregations know about the programs and work of Episcopal Charities, and keeping Episcopal Charities informed about the outreach ministries in their faith communities.
Creating a network of Messengers, and building a diocesan-wide net of communication and collaborative outreach is one way that Episcopal Charities is seeking to fulfill our mission of "partnering with and empowering the people of our Diocese in answering God's call to respond to human needs".

Become a Messenger

If you would like to be a Messenger of Episcopal Charities in your congregation, and it's an easy, fun assignment, simply contact us: or 954-334-0105.

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Following Christ’s example and the tradition of The Episcopal Church, Episcopal Charities of Southeast Florida provides funding, leadership, and resources to enable Episcopalians to lift up people facing poverty and oppression and to achieve significant, long-lasting change in our communities.

Become Part of Our Legacy

You can help Episcopal Charities provide food, shelter, care and more to those in need in Southeast Florida.