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2017 Basic Human Needs Grants Awarded

Golden Adult Ministry Holy Family/N. Dade 4,000
Holy Redeemer Feeding Prg Holy Redeemer/SPB 20,000
NPB Chaplaincy Program NPB Churches 20,000
Pioneer Club St. Christopher's/NPB 3,000
Independence Cay St. Columba/Keys 15,000
KAIR St. Columba/Keys 10,000
Hammock House St. Columba/Keys 7,000
Food Pantry St. Faith's/ S. Dade 6,850
Sunday Meal Program St. George's/ NPB 3,500
St. George's Center St. George/ NPB 26,500
Family Promise of S. PBC St. Gregory's, SPB 14,000
Quick Assist (FKOC) St. James the Fisherman/ Keys 4,000
Feeding Program St. John's - Homestead 6,750
Jubilee Center of S. Broward St. John's, St. James, St. Anne's, St. Andrew's/Broward 26,000
Back to School Event St. Luke's/ NPB 6,000
Family Promise of N/C PBC St. Mark's/NPB 10,000
St. Laurence Chapel St. Mary Magdalene / Broward 26,000
Mary's Kitchen St. Mary's/NPB 4,600
Seniors Program St. Matthews/SPB 4,700
The Holy Grill St. Nicholas/Broward 10,000
Soup Kitchen St. Patrick's/ NPB 3,500
Senior Activity Center St. Patrick's/ NPB 2,000
Paul's Place St. Paul's / SPB 15,000
Elderly Program St. Paul et Martyrs / N. Dade 4,000
Star of the Sea Mission St. Paul's / Keys 10,000
Loaves and Fish Food Pantry St. Peter's / Keys 10,000
Casa Valentina St. Philip's/ S. Dade 9,000
St. Alban's Child Ctr St. Philip's/ S. Dade 5,000
New Life Family Center St. Philip's/ S. Dade 6,000
Feed My Sheep St. Philip's/S. Dade 11,000
AIDS Ministry/S. Dade St. Stephen's/S. Dade 2,000
Chapman Partnership St. Thomas / Broward 6,000
TOTAL   $311,400

2016/2017 Small Grants Program

Like the Basic Human Needs Grant making program, the Small Grants Program allocates its grants to programs that address the needs of the community outside the walls of the church. Programs must be non sectarian and contain no required religious content.

The Small Grants Program has been expanded to allow for new and enhanced outreach. ECSEFL can now quickly and easily assist congregations receive grants up to $1,000 for Basic Human Needs Projects, including; FEEDING (food pantries, gardens, soup kitchens, gleaning, backpack, and youth group hunger activities), SHELTER (after-school and senior), CLOTHING AND HEALTHCARE PROJECTS. The Small Grants Program is designed for start-up and one time activities that target basic human needs. A Small Grant may also support a new component to a presently EC funded program. Congregations are expected to develop additional sources of revenue if the program is a start-up and not a one-time program.

Who is Eligible for a Small Grant?

Any congregation in the Diocese of Southeast Florida. Proposals must be submitted by clergy although congregational leadership and involvement is important. Only one proposal per church per year will be considered.

The granting process is expedited so that the application can be accepted, reviewed and responded to within six weeks. Up to ten small grants are made each year.

Projects That Are Not Eligible for Small Grants Program

The Small Grants Program is designed to support start-up projects, one -time events, and one-time needs within a project. The program is not intended to provide partial support to ongoing programs where there will be no significant changes/additions to the program. And, Episcopal Charities will not consider proposals that have contingencies that must be met before the project can continue, for example, other sources of support must be obtained.

How Small Grants are Reviewed and Decided

The procedure for the Small Grants Program is designed to be as simple as possible. The applicant submits a two page proposal electronically to the Program, Grants & Resource Director at bonnie@ecsefl.org. The applicant will receive a return email acknowledging receipt of the request. After staff review of the proposal to determine completeness and meeting criteria, the Grants Committee of Episcopal Charities receives the proposal, scores the proposal and recommends (or declines) support. The applicant is then notified of the decision. The process is designed to give the applicant an answer within two to three weeks of receipt. As with all funded programs, staff provides oversight and conducts site visits where needed.

How to Apply for a Small Grant

After reviewing the above information to make sure the application meets Small Grants guidelines, the applicant (rector/priest in charge) will send no more than a two page proposal to the Program, Grants & Resource Director at bonnie@ecsefl.org. On receipt of the proposal, a confirming email will be sent and will indicate if any further information is required.

Required elements to be included in the proposal are:

  • Date of application
  • Name, address, rector/priest in charge of applicant church
  • Name, address, telephone number, fax and email for Project Contact Person
  • Describe the project and what it is expected to accomplish, geographic areas served, and how the project accomplishes its goals
  • Describe the volunteer leadership that will run the project
  • Describe specifically how the Small Grants money will be used
  • Briefly describe the total budget for the project and major areas of support
  • Give beginning date and duration of the project

If there are any questions about making application under the Small Grants Program, please contact the Program, Grants & Resource Director, Bonnie Weaver at: or (561) 308-3742.

Future Funding

The Small Grants Program offers one time grants designed to launch or enhance an activity or ministry that needs an initial infusion of cash with the understanding that other types of support will follow. At the end of the Small Grant year, a successful and growing program may wish to apply for the regular two year cycle of funding known as the Basic Human Needs (BHN) Grants, available to new programs in 2015. Some funding may be available to programs that have completed their Small Grant year and find it a hardship to wait until the BHN Cycle begins again in 2015. If there are any questions about making application under the Small Grants Program, please contact the Program & Grants Director, Bonnie Weaver at .

2016 Small Grants Awarded

  • After School Program: St. Ambrose, Ft. Lauderdale
  • Purchase of Freezer: Jubilee Center, Hollywood
  • Bible School focused on community violence: St. Matthew’s, Delray Beach
  • Human Trafficking/Exploitation Awareness Event: St. Joseph’s, Boynton Beach
  • Mobile Feeding Ministry: St. Nicholas, Pompano Beach
  • Seniors Program start up: St. Christopher’s, West Palm Beach
  • Youth Thanksgiving Project: Blessed James T. Holly Mission
  • Purchase of tables and chairs for feeding programs: Holy Redeemer, Palm Springs
  • Red Light Hygiene Program: St. Andrew’s, Hollywood

2015 Small Grants Awarded

  • Purchase if convertible refrigerator/freezer for Food Pantry: St. Andrew’s, Palmetto Bay
  • Two Ipads for collection of homeless data in Middle Keys: St. James the Fisherman, Islamorada
  • Youth Outreach Program in Keys: St. Matthew’s, Delray Beach
  • Purchase of freezer for food pantry: Holy Redeemer, Palm Springs
  • Evening Program for Children: St. Philip’s, Pompano Beach
  • Youth School Supply Program: Grace, West Palm Beach
  • Hand Hygiene Program: St. George’s Center

For questions, please contact Bonnie Weaver, Grants Director at (561) 799-6424 or by email:

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